How to Kill
All Emotional Pain

Do It Yourself!
Sublimate All Emotional Pain

Sigmund Freud

Freud invented the word, SUBLIMATE! But
he wrote practically nothing about it.
Until now nobody has told us how to do it!
Now There's a Way!
Derived from the word, "Sublime," which means uplifted
emotionally especially in terms of dignity, honor and peace of mind,
to change the mind from a negative PAINFUL emotion, like
unfulfilled desire, anger, fear, depression, guilt, etc., to an
uplifted mental state of dignity, honor and peace of mind.

Although Freud didn't believe in God,
He did believe in the practice of Virtue.
Sublimation is all about the Spiritual
practice of Virtue!

Freud probably got the idea from
Aristotle's Book, Ethics!
How to get a Spiritual Sedative!
 That can be just as effective!
And fast acting!

for killing emotional pain
Alcohol, Drugs, or Psychiatric Medications!
But most people on the Spiritual Path
 don't know how to get this kind of a sedative

For Sublimating All Emotional Pain!
Meditation means only concentration.
In order to learn these meditations it's helpful
to sit quietly alone in meditation for 30 minutes every morning
and 30 minutes every evening.
Once learned, they can be done anywhere,
anytime or any place -- even at work!


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One of the Greatest movies ever made
The Little Buddha

One of the greatest movies ever made
The Little Buddha

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Five (5) Antidotes
To Sublimate All Emotional Pain!


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Emptiness Of Time

How to End All Emotional Pain Immediately!

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Antidote for Anger!

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Antidote for Depresson!

Gratitude -- Great Antidote For Depression!

Dr. Robert Emmons (Professor of Psychology, UC Davis)

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The Antidote For Fear!

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Understanding Ultimate Reality
Antidote For Catastrophic Illness!

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Karma Yoga
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Karma Yoga
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The Answer To The Secret Of Life!

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How to Kill All Emotonal Pain with Mindfulness!

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Be Your Own Therapist!
How to Kill all Emotional Pain Immediately!

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Guru Yoga - Tsongkhapa


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